Our Strategy

Investor: My accounts are down quite a bit, what should we do?

Advisor: Just hang in there...

Is that the answer you want to hear from your advisor. You have heard it before and unfortunately you will hear it again. That's the answer you get when your advisor doesn't know what to do, doesn't have a process, and doesn't make changes based on current economic and market conditions. That's where we are different...

What has driven my expertise regarding investment management? I wish I could say it was due to my extreme intelligence or my crystal ball, but it's about blocking out the noise and having a process. A process that allows you to make changes as the data changes. A process that gives you the ability to increase or decrease risk in allocations based on mathematical probabilities of trends or mean reversions taking place. When those situations line up with our fundamental thesis and the economic cycle, the probabilities of a position working increase tremendously. 


The #1 rule of investing don't lose money ---- Warren Buffett

With the volatility in today's markets there will inevitably be fluctuations. The key to financial stability is knowing when you are wrong. Not letting a mistake turn into an investment. In times like 2008 can be life changing events.

My job is to help our clients navigate those difficult times so that they don't fall victim to that scenario.